On Entering one’s 85th year

The Indian Yogi Jaggi Vasudev, aka ‘Sadhguru’, tells us that the body remembers more than the ‘mind’ does, beginning at conception. By age 84 a body has experienced seven solar cycles and, more importantly, 1008 Lunar cycles. In the Yogic tradition the soul of person having lived this long will not, when released from the body, seek, or be eligible to be reincarnated elsewhere. “Seen it all, done it all”?

I correspond with a friend with whom I talk about such matters:

I am ever more saying to myself and others that I have written and spoken almost all that I feel the need to say—I am repeating myself more often. At age 84, still healthy and able (except for my hearing), I can expect, given family history, to live at least another 10 years, barring accident. This time before me seems like a Big Blank. I can’t see into it. I continue to contemplate this notion without concern or expectation—no hurry. ‘No hurry’ is also a phrase I have adopted for myself. I am also ever more interested in birds, and trees and children than in any of the current events screaming at me from various communication media…

He responded:

My father always had his belief in God. Earlier, he was very anxious about all others to have his belief or otherwise it would turn out bad after death (you know, devil and hell and so on). But after 84-86 he got so much more relaxed, had peace with himself and others. The last years concerning about the birds and look at the trees was enough.

So, the Big Blank is in front of me. I’ll just relax and let happen what will happen, all the while enjoying my walks with Eva, and feeling one with the birds and trees and children.

9 thoughts on “On Entering one’s 85th year

  1. That’s wise Ron. You’ll avoid a heart attack.

    I kept myself going past 75 (with a family history of longevity less than that) by remaining focused on saving US democracy. I reached that goal today. New goals await.

    It’s not how old you are. It’s how you are old.


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