An Invitation to Survivors

Yes, we are the survivors:

  • of The Great Depression that our birth parents nonetheless brought us into;
  • of the Second World War that our parents experienced directly or indirectly;
  • of the epidemics of childhood diseases and of the periodic “flus”;
  • of the accidents that befall young people especially;
  • of our own participation in the many undeclared wars since WWII, or in the peacetime military;
  • of our experience with, and sometimes misbehavior around, potentially dangerous tools and big machines, including especially automobiles;
  • of the mistakes in judgment we have made throughout the years;
  • of the random events over which we have no control.

Note: the word “parents” is used generically here, as some of us were raised by other relatives, foster or adoptive parents, or institutions).

I invite you to use this forum to tell our readers what you have learned in your many decades.

I invite you to help me create a personal history of our generation that will serve as a resource to others.

I invite you, as a brother or sister survivor, to stay with me and the other readers of this weblog as we fade into the sunset.

To contribute, contact

4 thoughts on “An Invitation to Survivors

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